What you need to know is

The reason why some people don't give what you do is because they know you can handle it and you resist the urge to give up on a situation as you view what's happening as unintentional until it's uncomfortable... 

Now before you start to worry that you're co-dependent, out to rescue every lost soul, think again because once you discover that people tap into your skillset because of their own shortcomings you'll see that this leads them to sit back and think they don't have to put the effort in or it's likely you're being uncomfortably love bombed to the point of exhaustion but don't let this deter you as you can master the art of protecting yourself through workable boundaries for someone like you who approaches connections wholeheartedly.

                                                                               So how does it work

You give me an idea of the situation that's currently costing you dearly, it could be something niggling you or a larger more worrying wrong doing/injustice towards you, you will be asked to divulge your favourite movie/TV show/character or not so that you can start the process of moving forward emotionally

Think of this process as though you're putting yourself in the shoes of a character and as it's something that you do for yourself outside of confiding in close ones who may not always understand your heartache or have a biased opinion this will evoke feelings within you that aim to help you connect with the reasons why you're feeling the way you are through the safety that movies provide.

I'll then prescribe a movie which lends itself to your personality, you may wish to know the title so you can emotionally attach yourself to the character or not, either way you'll receive a set of instructions on how to behave within the situation and an email session to ask questions, let me know your progress etc. If you feel you may find that having a chat may be useful then book yourself in for a free telephone/Zoom 30 minute session using the link below

To get started fill in the form below with some details and I will email you with some questions to determine your prescription movie or not as the case may be once your payment has been received via the link below

If you wish to continue with your journey then book yourself in for coaching sessions - the link is on the What page or check out the following program or if you wish to continue along the movie therapy route then check out the ~ Positive Cinema therapy - a program that leans towards transformation through the effect of movies - Click here to find out more