What do you want

Do you need to challenge yourself when it comes to a relationship or difficult situation so that you can make space to pursue your goals? Maybe you need to retreat somewhere to do this so you reset, plan an adventure, start that business you've always dreamed of or simply just explore what you can do to make changes that stops people in their tracks so they stop treating you in a way that's unacceptable. 
Well this is essentially your opportunity to get a plan together so you can live life to the full which invariably makes you less available to those who basically need propping up.
The process would initially involve me discussing your situation with you after which we can come up with a plan that would work in terms of supporting you through the process which can be reviewed frequently and we can negotiate a payment plan that works for you, all of which is focused on you taking action so you get the best out of the experience, see below for more details.
I offer resources within your journey to get you thinking using creative means such as taking a similar path to a movie character to inspire you but this is not a prerequisite, so what are you waiting for, book in for a chat, or email me and let's get this thing started.

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If you want to continue along the movie therapy route then check out the following program - Positive Cinema therapy - a program that leans towards transformation through the effect of movies Click here to find out more

YOU CHANGED ME PROGRAM - If you would want to make 2024 the year you don't take prisoners anymore then this is COMING SOON and is designed to help you use your angst to elevate your motivation towards achieving your goals