Do you want to challenge yourself to pursue your goals? Maybe you need to retreat somewhere to do this so you reset, plan an adventure, start that business you've always dreamed of or simply just explore what you can do to make changes through movies and coaching so that you feel unstoppable when you're around other people.
The process is designed to help you gather resilience, assert yourself and take the actions needed to get the results you want ~ I don't expect you to watch dozen's of movies as I did as I can give you tools derived from them for short, sharp ways of managing situations but if you want to take on a characters persona and journey as a structure to set goals then this is also an opportunity to do just that. 
The process would initially involve me discussing your situation with you after which we can come up with a plan that would work in terms of supporting you through the process which can be reviewed frequently and we can negotiate a payment plan that works for you, all of which is focused on you getting the best out of the experience.
So what are you waiting for, book in for a free chat, or email me and let's get this thing started.

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