Sometimes making the escape isn't about fleeing it's about taking control to assist you in making life changing decisions and you may realize that actually you've got this, it's not as scary as you thought it would be and it could turn out to the the best thing you've ever done for yourself...

Have you ever reflected on a movie or TV show that you've watched only to find that the protagonist's experience resonates with yourself, maybe it's the situation or it could be the location that makes you want to visit as a way of gaining some perspective whether to make a point if something is troubling you in a relationship or to feel joy so you can go forward with something you've been contemplating?  Now, before you put it off for the umpteenth time then why not let me help you get a plan together to make the inkling of an idea become a reality ~ whether it's travelling solo, doing research into what could be a new and exciting project or being able to come out of a relationship without looking like a hack. 

Now before you start to think that I live in a fantasy world of movies then I can reassure you that my life is very real and the reason I use certain movies is that they show a specific personality/behavioural type and a certain set of scenarios ~ if you're still reading this then I know that your traits likely include loyalty, intelligence, efficiency, a can-do attitude and optimism ~ great traits, the problem is you're too willing to use them to benefit other people so it's my aim to help you recognise this and enable you to thrive without letting relationships especially intimate ones trip you up.

Still not convinced, well here's how it can help you?

~ You'll gain perspective around difficulties and realize that you can build resilience within yourself
~ You'll find that pushing yourself even when you don't feel ready promotes responsibility 
~ You'll see your resources (time, money energy) as valuable assets that you'll not want to give away so easily
~ You'll realize that you can't change others but you can change yourself 
~ You'll recognize that some sob stories are just that so that you can resist the urge to rescue


I'm a qualified movie therapist, mentor, and life coach and I've worked with people by helping them use movies as a vehicle towards increasing their self-esteem through the support I received from organizations such as Wirral Mind and The School for Social Entrepreneurs where I graduated from as a fellow on the Innovators for Health program - click here for a full list of my qualifications and accreditations.

How I roll - if you have an inkling that we could work together and would like an informal chat then click the link below to book yourself in for a free 30 minute telephone consultation or check out the free courses on the resources page.