What you need to know is 

the reason why some people don't give what you do...

is because they know you can handle it and you resist the urge to give up on a situation as you view what's happening as unintentional until it's uncomfortable 

Now before you start to worry that you're co-dependent, out to rescue every lost soul, think again because once you discover that people tap into your skillset because of their own shortcomings you'll see that this leads them to sit back and think they don't have to put the effort in or that you're being uncomfortably love bombed to the point of exhaustion but don't let this deter you because you're not a people pleaser but someone who ultimately wants to make a difference.

So what can you do about it?

A good place to start is to understand that your personality plays a part in who and what you attract as others will use your traits to their advantage which puts you at a disadvantage so the benefits of understanding your behaviours will help you master the art of protecting yourself and your goals by developing workable boundaries for someone like you who approaches connections wholeheartedly and in turn it will give you the inclination to challenge situations that don't work for you so you can gain the space to tap into your creative or business acumen to achieve your goals.

Still not convinced?

Well here's how it might help you 

*  You'll be able to use your head as much as your heart when it comes to intimate relationships
*  You'll be able to build up resilience around family and friends by approaching a situation differently
*  You'll be aware of your strengths in terms of your potential and use them to benefit yourself
*  You'll recognize that some sob stories are just that so you'll be able to resist the urge to try and help   

If the above sounds relatable then let me help you step out of your comfortable place and make freedom happen

About me

I'm a qualified movie therapist, mentor, and life coach and I've worked with a diverse range of people in the lead up to specializing in relationships by helping them use movies as a vehicle towards increasing their self-esteem through the support I received from organizations such as Wirral Mind and The School for Social Entrepreneurs where I graduated from as a fellow on the Innovators for Health program - Click here for a full list of my qualifications and accreditations
Moreover I'm someone who cares about others but I've had to come away from situations because I've had to save myself and my own development came about when I began to see things differently by watching specific movies and pairing this with what other organizations offered and it became clear that what my traits attract is inevitable but it's how I deal with it that matters. And don't get me wrong I'm not blameless so taking responsibility has enabled me to accept what I can or need to do which isn't always conventional but it has been life changing.

How I roll - if you have an inkling that we could work together and would like an informal chat then click the link below to book yourself in for a free 30 minute telephone consultation or check out the free courses on the why page to help you understand over giving traits.