Positive Cinema Therapy

                                              The Transformational Effect of Movies in Positive Psychology

Positive psychology is a branch of psychology that studies the strengths and virtues that enable individuals and communities to thrive - it is intended to nurture genius and talent to make normal life more fulfilling by enhancing experiences such as contentment and satisfaction with the past, happiness in the present and hope and optimism for the future.

The techniques used are designed to encourage people to identify and further develop their own positive emotions, experiences and character traits.

So what are the benefits

* Positive values enable people to live well despite events around them such as finding good things about each event that happens in their lives and having compassion for themselves and others and finding opportunities for development.

* Because positive emotions build resilience, they allow people to bounce back faster from negative experiences - resilience buffers against depression

* People who are pessimistic are 2 to 8 times as likely to become depressed when had things happen - early experiences with optimism help prevent depression - pessimists tend to believe nothing they can do matters, so they don't try to avoid bad events

* Negative emotions narrow one's response to 'fight or flight' as positive emotions broaden the range of responses, leading to behavioural flexibility and emotional growth

The process involves looking at strengths through movies such as cognitive, emotional, interpersonal, civic, forgiveness, connection and spirituality and then completing a series of exercises which makes positive psychology movies a natural vehicle for examining character strengths and how they are developed and maintained.

Another reason for the therapeutic affect of movies is that they usually follow the pattern of the mythological Hero's Journey which can be traced in all kinds of stories, not just those that feature hero's physical action and adventure, but also in romance, comedy and thrillers. The protagonist of every story is the hero of a journey, even if the path leads only in his own mind or into the realm of relationships.

Positive psychology program

Would initially have you engaging with a 30 minute session either by telephone or Zoom to establish what you're struggling with, the first movie would then be prescribed from the positive psychotherapy index with guidelines and an exercise that you'll need to put into practice and then a 60 minute session would be bookable for you to discuss your experiences, you can either use the same movie throughout the six sessions or can be prescribed a different movie for the 6 sessions. 

The program would include an initial session of 30 minutes and thereafter 6 x 1 hour sessions would follow after the exercises, you'll be able to email once a week if you have any questions so rather than email quick questions please write down any queries and email them once only during that week between sessions. Also if you want more time to complete the exercises then the 6 sessions can be carried out over a period longer period of time.

The cost is £497 and would include a 1 x 30 minute session, 6 x 1 hourly sessions and the email support in between the sessions - all session will be carried out by phone or Zoom 

If you wish to book on the above program, email me or fill in the form on the Who page and I will forward the cost, the link to pay by Pay pal and how to book the first session

Further support can be gained after this by booking individual sessions to continue positive psychology coaching which is designed to combine positive psychology with coaching which helps clients develop and maintain virtues and strengths to encourage them to challenge a particular area within their life through goal setting.

Psychology coaching sessions can be booked individually from a link on the What page on www.lynn-anderton.com