You changed me

Would you like to use the experience of something that's happened to you to make a significant change in your life - well that's what this program would involve but rather than a fixed structure it would involve being led by what it is you want to achieve and this would be determined within an informal chat initially so that we can then work backwards to prescribe movies if this is how you wish to proceed, this however is not a prerequisite.

We would also cover how you attach in relationships which will help undercover your approach to others and whether this is having an effect on your life together with other tools and techniques that will allow you to see that you're perfectly capable to stepping away from distractions to achieve your goals.

To give you an example - a typical program would involve an initial consultation followed by 6 x 1 hour coaching session, in between which if you choose to movies and tools can be prescribed, together with email support in between if you have any queries or require guidance.

These can be carried out by phone, Zoom call or face to face dependent on your location and the cost would reflect this.

For a non-obligatory quote please fill in the form on the What page and I will get back to you with an idea of cost and the reason for choosing the program is so that you get a bespoke service for the best price rather than booking individual sessions.