Group Coaching programs have been temporarily halted due to the Covid-19 pandemic but alternative methods to present courses will be made available in the future.
One to One Coaching is still available and we will work together to overcome the current restrictions by discussing what is safe and comfortable for both parties. Obviously everyone has a preference for how they would like to work and that's why I like to find out a little more about what suits you in order to determine a program that allows you to get the best out of your coaching experience.
For instance, you may find that weekly sessions either telephone/online or face to face may suit you or you may wish to work with me intensively over a number of hours so that you take on the process quickly or you may need a practical virtual handholding option which allows working through a situation step by step all options can be discussed so that we can determine together how to help get you to where you want to be.
The process within my coaching services does not just include the coaching session - I expect my clients to get on board with the movie therapy process to understand where your beliefs about love and relationships have stemmed from and then I will prescribe movies to overcome barriers around your current patterns of behavior and finally challenge you to take the actions required to make significant changes to how you connect to others with the aim of you feeling more relaxed and accepting of what's possible and what isn't within intimate or everyday situations so that relationship and other area goals fall into place.
To acquire a free mutually convenient consultation I suggest you contact me via the form below and from this point, we can discuss further what you're struggling with and what we can initiate to resolve it and if you feel we can work together then I can then supply you with an idea of how your coaching program and sessions will run and a quote, you're not under any obligation at this point to uptake my services and everything you've discussed with me is completely confidential.

Free 30-minute consultation

Book your telephone session here by submitting your details and I'll come back to you with some available slots within 48 hrs - I will confirm your booking via email and if you wish to meet up with me face to face I will try to accommodate your request dependant on your location.