Do you want to challenge yourself to retreat somewhere that will help you self-develop and possibly change the course of your life?
The process is designed to help you gather resilience, assert yourself and take the actions needed to get the results you want - I don't expect you to watch dozen's of movies as I can give you tools derived from them as short, sharp ways of managing situations but if you want to take on a characters persona and journey as a structure to set goals then this is your opportunity to do just that

Plan your escape

The Shirley

Self paced experience designed to gain support by telephone or zoom to organize your experience

The Full Monty

A VIP version which gives you more intensive coaching to support you towards making your experience special

What to expect when you take the plunge ~
~ You'll lose people which is hard but inevitable and if they truly care they'll come round
~ You'll acquire new people into your life who appreciate you
~ You'll start to feel that you're more in control when it comes to your time, money and energy
~ You'll feel a renewed sense of ambition and purposefulness as you start be interested in life again
The process would initially involve me discussing your situation with you after which we can discuss which plan would suit you so you can get the best out of your experience ~ so let's get this thing started....