You changed me

helping you turn negative behaviour towards you into positive results 

I can help you turn negative events that you've experienced or are still experiencing in a relationship or situation around by effectively changing how you respond or moving on with your dignity intact


Because when you ask yourself the question what about me then everything changes for the better and you'll need to be ready to know how and when to take appropriate action as you start to understand that your good nature doesn't have to hold you back, it can if you let it confidently push you towards chasing goals, following dreams, getting things done or simply help you feel like yourself again

Who are you?

If it seems likely that you're over giving then let me help you look at a situation differently by giving you some pointers from movie characters experiences

What do you want?

If you want to achieve a goal then let me help you come up with a clear plan of how to get there by challenging yourself to do something out of ordinary 

What others say...

I would recommend Lynn as a supportive and skilled life coach with an empathetic approach which has enabled me to develop the capacity to find solutions to issues.

NM - London

Creative way of thinking about my life and where I'm heading.

JH - Liverpool

It inspired me and I came away feeling optimistic and determined to achieve more things in my life.

SH - Wirral

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