Escape your reality

and find out what you're really capable of

Welcome I'm Lynn a personal growth coach who can help you plan and take positive action to escape boredom, loneliness or disappointment by improving your self-esteem or taking an inspired trip

Prefer karma to drama?


Because happiness comes naturally when you push yourself to find out what you're capable of because you've realized that some situations leave you unfulfilled but when you find out what inspires you then anything from ditching guilt to fulfilling your potential can be achieved in order to reach your goals

I work with two kinds of people

Those who want to recover themselves by having an internal adventure from the comfort of their sofa to build their confidence from movies they're drawn to 

And those who want to open up to life by stepping out of their comfort zone with their boundaries in place by emulating movie characters experiences

What others say...

I would recommend Lynn as a supportive and skilled life coach with an empathetic approach which has enabled me to develop the capacity to find solutions to issues.

NM - London

Creative way of thinking about my life and where I'm heading.

JH - Liverpool

It inspired me and I came away feeling optimistic and determined to achieve more things in my life.

SH - Wirral