Fall in love after heartbreak

just like they do in the movies

Have you ever got to the end of a movie and thought

I want what they have

Whether it's finding true love with the right person or the feeling of sheer empowerment because you haven't and you're okay with it then we are here to help you get to that point by seeing yourself as the valuable asset you truly are through watching movies differently so you have the confidence to put yourself out there and achieve what you want.

Are you your relationship problem?

Why movies?

Because they tap into our deepest emotions and provide an opportunity to explore behaviors (good or bad) as they're projected back through the safe space of what we deem as entertainment.
It's a simple way to soothe your emotions if you're feeling rejected or disappointed because when you see the impact that certain unions have had or are having then this will motivate you to make connections that suit you better or make changes to the ones you're in.


Feel out of sync in relationships and it's interfering with your goals?  
We'll show you how to gain a healthy balance of excitement and security that fulfills your emotional and physical needs by finding out what you want.
Coaching is a great way to challenge what's happening in new or existing relationships so you create the space to develop purpose in your life because you're developing new-found confidence around others.

Meet Lynn

It's taken me years to get to my happy relationship place and I've got movies to thank for helping me see what a good experience would look like for me which in turn motivated me to avoid the ones that weren't so good, it took a while as getting my head around why people dampened down my needs was puzzling but I conquered it and have come out the other side knowing what I want in connections.
And I want exactly the same for you because when you know why you want what you do and how to go about getting it then everything changes for the better.