Achieve your ambitions 

by making the right intimate relationship decisions 

Do you find it difficult to balance intimate relationships with achieving your goals?

I can help you change this

by supporting you to see the reasons why your intimate relationships trip you and help you develop ways to turn what may seem like a complicated situation into something that suits you

Fancy a chat about meeting your match?

Why bother?

Because it's likely you have a set of personality traits that allow you to tap into the needs of others easily and even though these traits have helped you negotiate certain areas of your life well they may have led you to open up your heart, body and even bank account to those who don't always appreciate it which is why you need to explore ways to become discerning so you can make the right decisions for yourself 

What's your real motivation in relationships?

Want to know why you do what you do in relationships and where it leads?

Work with me

Feel out of sync when it comes to relationships and that you need to deal with it in your own inevitable way? Then let me support you to stop running with herd and do it your way.

What others say...

I would recommend Lynn as a supportive and skilled life coach with an empathetic approach which has enabled me to develop the capacity to find solutions to issues.

NM - London

Creative way of thinking about my life and where I'm heading.

JH - Liverpool

It inspired me and I came away feeling optimistic and determined to achieve more things in my life.

SH - Wirral

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