Imagine being able to understand why you're feeling lonely, dazed or confused by relationships - the purpose of prescribing a movie is to provide you with a way to answer the questions around why certain relationships haven't turned out well or why your current endeavors aren't quite hitting the mark when it comes to bringing love into your life or getting on with others in friendships, work, or everyday life.
Understanding the reasons why from your perspective and taking responsibility is an empowering process to undertake as it halts you from making choices that don't serve you well by seeing how you attach in the first place and helps you build the intuition to avoid the drama and disillusion that sometimes manifests itself within interactions and causes hurt and disappointment.

So how does it work?

Think of this process as though you're putting your broken heart in the hands of the characters so they can provide you with an insight into what's going on and as it's outside of your close confidants who may not always understand your heartache or have a biased opinion this will evoke feelings within you with the aim of healing yourself because you'll have connected with reasons through the safety that movies provide.

The aim is focused on seeing why you connect to specific individuals or situations and what you can do about it - you'll be asked to fill in a form once your payment has been received and this will be followed by you receiving your movie title and guidelines, you'll have to get on board with the process and work through what you need to do and support will be available via emails throughout if you need it and if you feel I'm way off the mark with the prescribed movie then we'll regroup and come up with an alternative.
The result is that you'll start to be more resilient and less blinkered when going into situations so that you're less likely to get caught up in the assumptions that exist in not only romantic but everyday situations.