What you need to know is that

Relationships can be tricky but when you get it right then it will feel like the most natural place to be...  

If you're struggling to invite love in or be in love without an overriding sense of disappointment then I'm here to help you look at your situation differently, specifically around whether your expectations are reasonable or whether other people respond to your needs.
When your needs aren't met this creates disappointment - one of the worst things that can exist in any relationship or situation is that low-level feeling that you're not getting what you want - this can feel physically and emotionally painful as needs are important to most people and generally these feelings tend to get covered up through behaviors that deflect from the real cause which if left to fester just results in a deep-seated sadness that doesn't do anyone any good.

So what can you do about it?

A good place to start is to understand the story you're telling yourself about relationships, it's not wrong to have expectations as they protect your self-worth but you have to truly understand what it is that makes you happy or unhappy when you're around certain people and whether your pre-existing expectations are serving you or not.

So we're going to start where a good story ends by looking at what you want the result to look like and work backward by seeing how it's affecting you and overcoming the barriers to finding the right person or situation that feeds your needs on a deeper level.

Why I do what I do  

About Lynn

I wasn't living my best life for years, some of the years were a challenge but I knew how to deal with them, it was mainly intimate connections that tripped me up and eventually made my life spiral out of control and it was understanding the reasons for this that's helped me recover. There was a key element in relationships that when it became distant the more I craved it which led me into some crazy situations but I've managed to understand what it is and to find a way to balance it all out so that my needs are met and I can get on with the other things in my life.

So why would you want to

Work with me

I'm approachable, you can speak to me without embarrassment, there's not a lot that I haven't heard before, conversations are confidential and non-judgemental but you need to know that it takes work to get to your happy place so I will challenge you to make those very important changes that you need to get the best out of the process so you thrive after heartbreak.
I'm a qualified movie therapist, mentor, and life coach who'll give you the tools you need to succeed so you overcome the barriers that you and others put in your way.  I've worked with a diverse range of people in the lead up to specializing in relationships by helping them use movies as a vehicle towards increasing their self-esteem through the support I received from organizations such as Wirral Mind and The School for Social Entrepreneurs where I graduated from as a fellow on the Innovators for Health program.

What others say...

"I would recommend Lynn as a supportive and skilled life coach with an empathetic approach which has enabled to develop the capacity to find solutions to issues" NM - London

" Creative way of thinking about my life and where I'm heading"  JH - Liverpool

"It inspired me and I came away feeling confident, optimistic and determined to achieve more things in my life"  SH - Wirral